Remove Adware:Win32/EoRezo

Adware:Win32/EoRezo is a ad-supported software that normally spreads via similar programs. This type of threat is often bundled to software which can be freely obtained from several websites. Generally, Adware:Win32/EoRezo is included in free software to generate profit in order to retrieve development cost. Though, most of the time adware remains to earn revenue by running excessive advertisements on the browser. This is somehow obtrusive to most computer users.

Apart from making online revenue, Adware:Win32/EoRezo authors tasked their product to collect data such as frequently visited websites as well as products they usually purchased. These gathered data are sent back to adware makers and analyze which best advertisement to serve on user’s computer. One aim of Adware:Win32/EoRezo is to generate sales by displaying ads that are appealing to users.

General consent states that adware containing malicious purpose targeting victim’s personal data are also classified as spyware. Adware:Win32/EoRezo is an example of malicious program that invades ones privacy and collects information without asking for user’s consent. Therefore, due to privacy concerns and possibility of more risks, anti-virus software today are designed to instantly remove Adware:Win32/EoRezo and relevant files.


This computer threat known to carry out a number of payloads such as the following:

  • Adware:Win32/EoRezo is a threat known to display pop-up advertisements that you can’t control.
  • It can modify home page settings of known internet browser programs.
  • Adware:Win32/EoRezo alters default search engine and place an unknown one on the start-up page.
  • This threat may collect vital information about user and relevant online credentials.
  • It connects to a remote server to upload gathered data from a compromised computer.


Presence of Adware:Win32/EoRezo can be clearly recognized by certain changes made on the browser without user’s consent. Most familiar of all is the frequent display of advertisements like banners, pop-up, inline, and redirects. Another reason to believe that computer is compromised with Adware:Win32/EoRezo can be verified by your own anti-virus or anti-malware software protecting the computer.

Additional Details

Adware:Win32/EoRezo is an adware detected by Microsoft Security Software. Some antivirus programs identifed this threat as Win32/Adware.EoRezo.E, AdWare.Win32.EoRezo, Adware-Eorezo, ADW_EOZERO.

Procedures to Remove Adware:Win32/EoRezo

Before we proceed with the removal of Adware:Win32/EoRezo, we highly suggest that you PRINT this guide. Some tools may advise you to restart the computer later and you need the printout as your reference.

1st Step : Use Microsoft Security Software

Microsoft security software like Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials, and Microsoft Safety Scanner can detect and remove Adware:Win32/EoRezo. Use the tool that is appropriate to your Windows operating system.

Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 Users Guide

1. On your keyboard, press Windows Key + C to open the Charms. You may also swipe in to the right edge of the screen.
2. Search for Defender, and then open Windows Defender.
3. Please select Full under Scan Options.


4. Click on Scan now to start removing Adware:Win32/EoRezo.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista Users Guide

1. Download Microsoft Security Essentials and install it on your computer. Click here.
2. Open Microsoft Security Essentials and select Full scan under Scan Options.
3. Click on Scan Now to start finding Adware:Win32/EoRezo and other malicious objects from your PC.


4. Remove all threats identified by Microsoft Security Essentials.

For older Version of Windows

1. Download Microsoft Safety Scanner from this link.
2. Run a full scan on the computer to find objects that are relevant to Adware:Win32/EoRezo.


3. Scanning may take a while. Please let the scan to finish.
4. Remove all threats identified on the computer including those that of Adware:Win32/EoRezo.

2nd Step : Double-check with Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool

Bitdefender Adware Removal – Remove any unwanted apps, annoying toolbars or browser add-ons.

1. Follow the link above to download a copy of Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool.

2. When your download has completed, double-click on the file BDPUARLauncher to initialize the tool.

3. Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool will begin to scan the computer and look for Adware:Win32/EoRezo items. The software may also find other threats from the computer.

4. Once scanning has finished, threats and Adware:Win32/EoRezo files will be listed. Then, Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool will give you an option to select what items you want to remove. We imply that you remove all known threats, not only from Adware:Win32/EoRezo adware.

Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool Scan

5. Mark all identified threats on the list and then click on the Remove button.

3rd Step : Finalize the Scan with Junkware Removal Tool

Download Junkware Removal Tool – Removes adware, hijacker, and toolbars.

1. Click on the link above to start downloading Junkware Removal Tool. Save the file on your Desktop.

2. Shut down running programs particularly Internet browser that is affected by Adware:Win32/EoRezo.

3. Locate Junkware Removal Tool file and double-click to run it.

4. It needs to check remote server and download necessary update that is essential in removing adware or malware.

5. Afterwards, the tool will backup essential files and Windows registry.


6. Lastly, Junkware Removal Tool will begin on scanning your computer for presence of Adware:Win32/EoRezo and any other threats. All identified threats will be automatically deleted. Log file will then be created for your reference after the scan.

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