Remove is a clear example of fake Technical Support Website. It will display bogus warnings and alerts about troubles presently bugging your computer. There are times that sub domains were used to represent a clean and nice looking web page for its online services to fix ailing computer. Same with and, the primary goal of is to deceive people in order to compel them into calling Technical Support number. Most people who avail of the services rendered by considered the paid assistance as rip off.

Redirecting or seeing on your web browser program like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox doesn’t necessary mean that computer is infected with a virus. The redirect may occur when you visit a web site that was put-up for malicious intent. Although, there are still chances that some web browsers who are redirected to are affected by malware. This has to be determined by running various anti-malware and anti-malware scans on the system.

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Scammers have found other way to steal money from Internet users by acting as if they are legitimate online technical support specialist. In order to get hold of patron, these online fraudsters are issuing various fake alerts and diagnostics through malicious web sites such as A bunch of adware, including freeware and shareware were also used to modify browser settings so that it makes a forceful visit to fake technical support web site like

Aside from targeting web browsers, cyber criminals are also investing to dozens of web sites that are prepared to make a redirect to when visitors interact with it. Either way, when you bumped into, we highly suggest closing the page and avoid clicking on any buttons. Immediately run an anti-virus scan to remove any malware if or related web sites have managed to drop one on your PC.

Website Diagnostics

Google Safe Browsing currently has no data available for web site.

How to remove from the computer?

To effectively remove from your computer, please follow the removal procedures as stated below. It is also vital to scan the system with anti-virus, anti-malware, and security tool as presented. Junkware removers we provided on this site are completely free to use.

Scan and Remove with Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool

Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool for Mac [Download Now] - Free your Mac from annoying adware.

- Unzip the file and run it on your Mac system.
- This step should automatically removed from the system. If this procedure is not sufficient in getting rid of the adware, please proceed with the next step.

Stop pop-up from Safari browser

1. Close Safari browser.

2. Disconnect the Internet connection of your computer to avoid it from communicating to server.

3. Hold the Shift key and re-open the Safari browser by clicking on its icon.

4. Once running, go to the Preferences menu. Disable JavaScript by removing the check mark beside "Enable JavaScript". It is normally under Preferences > Security. Once disabled, close your Safari browser.


5. Still under Preferences, click on Privacy tab and Remove All Website Data. There is a chance that it may re-appear after deleting. Remove it again until web sites data are cleared.


6. Go to Download Folder and move everything to your Trash bin. It's your preference if you want to back-up legitimate downloaded applications.

7. Empty your Trash bin.

8. You can now run and use Safari without pop-ups.

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